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Mobilising the Web Presentation

Slides of my presentation yesterday at the 2nd Annual New Media Marketing Conference: | View | Upload your own For those of you looking for the Pet Shop Boys “Integral” video that I ended with, you can view it here on YouTube


Google attempts to enter newspaper ad business with QR Codes

Last year I blogged about my work on a type of 2d bar code symbology called “QR Codes” and announced that this work had culminated in the launch of a commercial advertising initiative known as “TimeCode”. Well, it seems that Google has also caught onto the idea. According to Silicon Valley Insider: Google’s efforts to [...]


QR Codes the way of the future

For those of you that haven’t heard of them yet, QR Codes are a type of 2D bar code technology developed in Japan back in 1994 for inventory tracking by a Toyota subsidiary. Their main advantage over traditional bar codes is that they store data horizontally and vertically – instead of just horizontally – hence [...]