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iCommons Heritage Day intiative

Heather Ford, Executive Director of iCommons, has blogged about a great initiative that they have planned for South African Heritage Day on Monday, 24 September. In celebration of Heritage Day, iCommons will be running a parallel real and virtual campaign where we invite South Africans to upload a photograph or two to Wikimedia Commons under [...]


$100 Laptop Rollout Ever Closer

Another Story that I wrote for Hana: Things have progressed since the $100 laptop prototype was first publicly unveiled at a press conference with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte at last year’s second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis, Tunisia. What was then just a garish [...]


Goodbye Summit, Goodbye Rio

NOTE: This was supposed to be posted two days ago, but the Wireless was broken so it appears here more as an archive of my trip… So last night all the iSummit delegates attended a Samba night at the Rio Scenarium in downtown Rio, a beautiful and historical part of the city. This place was [...]


Want a Free Trip to Rio?

Well all you have to do is enter the The iCommons Summit Bag Awards competition and you could be on your way to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to attend the iCommons Summit in June plus 4 nights accommodation for nada! If I wasn’t already going I would definitely enter!