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Apple iPhone: An artists new best friend

Not only has the Apple iPhone revolutionized the way we work and communicate on the go, but a new phenomenon is gaining traction whereby the device is becoming an increasingly popular platform for artists and musicians. Thanks to a brilliant app called Brushes, budding artists across the globe are using the iPhone as a digital [...]

08 relaunches but with no breaking news

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) recently made a grandiose announcement regarding the relaunch of their SABC News portal, which many industry commentators have called out over the years for being a wasted opportunity since the SABC has access to vast amounts of staff, local news and multimedia content – our very own CNN BBC. [...]


Mobilising the Web Presentation

Slides of my presentation yesterday at the 2nd Annual New Media Marketing Conference: | View | Upload your own For those of you looking for the Pet Shop Boys “Integral” video that I ended with, you can view it here on YouTube


Tour South Africa on your mobile phone

Well, we’ve all been anticipating the inevitable boom of mobile applications and services in South Africa and there finally seems to be some interesting ideas hitting the mainstream market. One of the most promising start-ups in my opinion is Mobiguide — a new service which brings virtual video tours of South African cities and landmarks [...]


Cellphones banned in Greek schools

USA Today: The ban follows the alleged sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl by four male students at a school on the island of Evia in October, and the alleged videotaping of the incident on a cellphone of a fellow student. Back in the day when I was in high-school, I remember the first wave [...]


Magazines for your cellphone

Steven van Hemert, the online editor of Blunt Magazine the alternative skating mag, recently told me about the new Mobizine edition they’ve launched. Basically a Mobizine is a java application that runs on your cellphone and updates periodically with text, images, audio and video via a GPRS connection. As Steven describes them “kinda gimmicky, kinda [...]


I’m Crazy for ShoZu

This is a post bound to interest other bloggers. So my beloved Nokia N70 was recently lost/stolen/who cares etc. and I was faced with a very tough decision – one of those decisions you prefer having to make only once a year. What new phone to get. The N70 was on contract and cost a [...]