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Flickr And Getty Images Sign Deal

If you don’t already have a Flickr account, then now is the time to get one because Yahoo! (owners of Flickr) have signed a ground breaking deal with Getty Images, which will allow Getty customers to seamlessly search the Flickr database and commercially license the pictures in the same way that Getty pictures are licensed, [...]


Newspaper Sites Beat Google News in Unique Traffic

Several newspaper portals ranked higher than Google News in unique traffic for May 2008 according to stats released by Nielsen Online reports Editor & Publisher. This is indeed good news for newspapers who are struggling to come to grips with declining print circulation and the massive shortfall between print and digital revenues. It should also [...]


For anyone who believes newspaper companies are fizzling out

On my recent visit to the New York Times Towers, the plush new 52-story building co-occupied by NYT situated between 8th Ave and 40/41st Street, it struck me that they would be downgrading, not upgrading if the newspaper crunch was as severe as many have argued. The New York Times is no local yokel and [...]


Travel Woes

I thought that I had done some crazy things but the last couple of days really takes the cake. I somehow found myself in the midst of a 5-city tour of the U.S — taking place over 10 days. It all started in Boston a few days ago, then Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco and [...]

Who is youngBLOOD?

I am a passionate entrepreneur and co-founder of a technology start-up called Grenade which is based in Johannesburg, South Africa » read more