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Western Spaghetti

I just love this clever video created by Adam Pesapane, a digital artist in New York City, which incidentally was also one of Times Magazine’s Top 10 Viral Video picks for 2008. The entire video was created using the stop motion animation technique, and besides looking cool, I can definitely detect a political message that [...]


FNB Embraces YouTube

It’s always great to see old instituitons adopting new media (see my earlier post about the 10 Downing Street Channel) and South African bank, FNB, has become the latest blue-chip company to create their own YouTube Channel called FNBTV, which launched on 1 June 2008. At the moment content is quite thinly spread on FNBTV [...]


Gordon Brown gets onto YouTube

British PM, Gordon Brown, announced an initiative earlier last week which they are calling “Ask the PM“. This will be a regular feature on the 10 Downing Street Youtube channel. The basic premise behind this initiative is to get YouTubers to submit video questions to the PM who then selects the best ones (with his [...]


World’s First iPhone Band

And it’s about time too! Austrian trio — iBand — is tearing up the iPhone touch screen with classic tracks such as this one entitled “Life is Greater than the Internet”: I’m sure we can expect a number of copycats to emerge over the coming months and this is such great viral publicity for the [...]


Who needs television match officials when you have youtube?

Courtesy of The Register: The Rugby Football Union has banned Bristol lock Gareth Llewellyn for three weeks after he admitted whacking Bath prop David Barnes during Bath’s 19-9 defeat of Bristol on 2 March – an incident rather ill-advisedly posted on YouTube by a delighted Bristol fan. The vid was apparently spotted by Bath supporters [...]


Double-whammy for bloggers this past week

It seems to come in phases, but this past week has once again highlighted the problems that blogging can cause in the workplace and the dilemmas it often causes for private companies. First of all there was the case of a former employee, who worked for the same holding company as me, that was dismissed [...]


You’ve got to love social media

Just imagine if we had never been exposed to the YouTube Zeitgeist:


Viddler on my roof

Viddler is a new video sharing service which I came across the other day and I would go so far as to say that it could become a serious challenger to Youtube in the online video space. Why you ask? The first noticeable reason is it’s very clever and intuitive video interface which allows you [...]